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Minebea Intec presents New Product highlights at sps trade-fair

You are viewing the weighing news Minebea Intec presents New Product highlights at sps trade-fair at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Minebea Intec presents New Product highlights at sps trade-fair

Minebea Intec (Germany) – Minebea Intec will showcase a broad range of products for vessel- and silo-weighing at the sps trade-show: From new digital solutions to products meeting the strictest Hygienic Design requirements as well as affordable entry-solutions – a wide overview of products will be presented and the visitors will also get an exclusive preview of upcoming products.

The smart production solutions trade-fair, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, is the yearly highlight for the automation-industry. Minebea Intec will take this opportunity to present new products, which have been specifically developed for vessel and silo-weighing applications. Among others: The load cell Inteco, now available with a digital upgrade, the weighing module Novego. which excels with innovative features and the new LC load cells and CSD electronics, which provide a reliable and affordable weighing solution.

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Inteco: the load cell with a digital upgrade:

In developing the new load cell Inteco, Minebea Intec has made the most of the opportunity for optimisation. The Inteco represents a weighing solution, which from now on comes with an upgrade: Fitted with the converter Connexx, the Inteco can be installed easily and economically without the need for a cable junction box. The load cell provides customers from various industries with a significantly extended range of possibilities – from simple fill quantity control to high-precision weighing of the heaviest silos and containers.

Innovative, hygienic and robust: Weighing module Novego:

With the new weighing module, Minebea Intec provides an innovative, hygienic and robust solution for weighing containers. Uniquely in the market, Novego guarantees measuring accuracy even when there are lateral forces of up to 20 percent of the load. What distinguishes Minebea’s hygienic weighing module Novego above all is its overall performance. Also, a variety of constructive details following EHEDG guidelines minimises soiling and provides for an efficient cleaning process. The hygienically-designed, long-lasting weighing module is recommended for a range of industries like food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

LC-series offers the joint expertise of two companies:

Also at the sps, visitors will see the result of a cooperation between Minebea Intec and its Tokyo-based parent company MinebeaMitsumi: The brand new LC load cell series together with new weighing electronics, the CSD series. These products represent a step-up in the service Minebea Intec offers its customers. With LC Solo and CSD-series, Minebea Intec combine a product with the reassurance designed and developed in-house with a product tailored to customers’ individual needs.

Minebea Intec Product Manager Holger Nichelmann says: “The LC load cell series fills a gap in our product portfolio. The new series represents a unique combination of German and Japanese technical and design expertise together with top quality but cost-effective Asian production facilities. That means we can offer class-leading products at an extremely competitive price.”

Global teamwork will result in further innovative products:

The LC series was possible by close teamwork between Minebea Intec and its Tokyo-based parent company MinebeaMitsumi, a major global producer of machinery components and electronic devices. Minebea Intec’s design team in Hamburg produced the initial specifications, which the MinebeaMitsumi team then turned into a prototype and tested it. The result represents an important milestone for Minebea Intec. Having access to the huge Research & Development, engineering and production resources of Minebea Mitsumi means that the company can offer much more for the customers, who benefit from the shared expertise and close collaboration from two leading companies. However, this product is just the start of closer teamwork, which will result in more innovative products. This is the first time Minebea Intec has a joint stand together with its parent company: Visitors will be able to discover the broad range of products and individualised solutions.

Nichelmann states: “The LC series is just the beginning. We’re constantly in dialogue with our customers to better understand their future needs, so we can develop a broader range of pioneering solutions – encompassing software and hardware or even broader topics like the internet of things or big data – all geared towards helping them become more efficient and productive.”

When finding the best solution for their customers, Minebea Intec benefits from extensive product knowledge and profound understanding of the industries needs, which makes them an ideal consultant for engineering support and the customisation of products.

At sps in Nuremberg, from 26. – 28th November (hall 1, booth 350), visitors will get the chance to see for themselves, how the leading manufacturer of weighing and inspection technology has turned vision into products to remain “the true measure”.

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