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Advanced Technology enhances Ishida mid-range Weighers

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Advanced Technology enhances Ishida mid-range Weighers

Ishida Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom) – Ishida Europe has launched an enhanced version of its top-selling mid-range multihead weighers that offers even greater levels of performance in the fast and accurate weighing of a wide variety of dry, frozen and sticky products.

The new RVE Series, which has been further expanded to include a 24-head model alongside 10, 14, 16 and 20 head variants, now features patented Ishida technology, Powerful Frequency Controlled Vibration (PFCV), that provides greater control of the infeed of product at the top of the weigher and during transfer to the weigh hoppers. By being able to automatically vary both the amplitude and frequency of vibration, the weighers ensure a steady and consistent flow of product in order to maintain speed and efficiencies and eliminate the danger of overfill in the hoppers.

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In particular, the new technology means the latest RVE models are able to handle sticky and larger, heavier items with greater ease. Another benefit of PFCV is that the machine can be easily retuned or adjusted to the requirements of different product types via the weigher’s remote control unit. This also means maximum performance can be retained throughout the lifetime of the machine without the need ever for mechanical adjustments.

Combined with existing advanced features such as digital filtering and advanced automatic feeder adjustment, the new RVE range offers speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute depending on model and application.

The entire range can be specified with a selection of radial troughs, hoppers (from 1.5 to 7 litres) and discharge chutes. This enables the weighers to be tailored to individual product requirements and from small to large target weights, while the introduction of the 24 head version increases the capabilities for mixed product (handling up to four different products simultaneously) and multiple outlet weighing.

All new RVE models incorporate as standard the Reporting Pack from Ishida’s pioneering Sentinel™ remote customer care software that supports the new generation of ‘smart’ factories as part of Industry 4.0. This provides remote access to live machine performance and reports, and additional packs can be specified for further protection and support, including remote monitoring and intervention by Ishida engineers.

In addition, along with the proven robust construction of all Ishida weighers, the RVE WP models offer the unique ‘dew sensor’ and ‘temperature sensor’ option for the live monitoring of moisture ingress or extreme temperatures during production. Any problems, for example caused by a door cover left open or the failure of a loadcell membrane, will be immediately detected and flagged up on the weigher’s Remote Control Unit (RCU) or as part of Sentinel™ monitoring. This allows fast intervention to protect companies against unnecessary downtime and help deliver enhanced maintenance and longer machine life.

The high-processing speed ROHS-compliant RCU (Remote Control Unit) offers intuitive simple-to-use controls for fast set-up and adjustments. A clear and easy-to-read screen prevents operator errors and simplifies procedures to help minimise downtime and maximise production efficiencies. Plug and play USB data import/export and Ethernet connectivity ensure easy data management.

“Our RVE range was a game-changer in its provision of advanced technology at a competitive price,” comments Ian Atkinson, Ishida Europe’s Business Manager – Multihead Weighers.

“The incorporation of these additional features, in particular PFCV, will further enhance every model’s speed, accuracy and reliability to maximise production yield and ultimately deliver a fast return on investment.”

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