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Marel’s New WPL9000+ Weigh soprano Labeler

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Marel's New WPL9000+ Weigh Price Labeler

Marel (Iceland) – High-speed, flexible setup accurately handles every conceivable pack, box or tray.

Poultry processors continue to feel the need to weigh and label accurately their retail products, while maximizing productivity. That’s why Marel introduces the new WPL 9000+, a dynamic, high-speed Weigh Price Labeler.

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The WPL 9000+ is capable of handling fixed and catchweight products and prints all required product information on a label. The developers of this piece of equipment have put a clear emphasis on the highest accuracy in weighing and labeling.

With the consumption of protein growing globally at a consistent rate, poultry meat producers call for equipment that can weigh, price and label products in a fast, accurate and reliable manner while maintaining production uptime.

The weighing side:

The extended weighing capacity of Marel’s WPL9000+ weigh price labeler ranges from 40 g up to 5.5 kg [0.2lbs to 12lbs]. The increased speed in weighing and labeling results in a throughput of up to 160 boxes per minute, maintaining accurate label placement and precise weighing increments, which be set at 1 gram or 2 grams.

Three weighing table lengths are available, suitable for all popular pack sizes up to 66 x 35 cm. Catch weight, fixed weight or e-weight configurations can be weighed. The WPL9000+ can also be used as a checkweigher with optional reject.

The labeling side:

The WPL9000+ generates and applies a wide range of product information and label types. It is able to apply labels to multiple surfaces on a variety of products, on every side of the tray or box. In fact, Marel is the only supplier to provide a solution for every label format.

Label sizes can have dimensions up to 15 x 11 cm. Via Innova Label Designer, the WPL9000+ can print Unicode characters for multi-lingual printing (i.e. Asian fonts). It also has advanced barcode printing options, supporting multiple standards, such as 1D/2D barcode formats, QR codes and Data Matrix.

In addition to the weighing and conveyor speed, the printing speed has also increased, with high-resolution printing as standard. The WPL 9000+ can handle multiple label applicators, such as Top&Base applicator, M360 linerless labeling, MPL80 C-labeler.

Compact and robust:

The WPL 9000+ is easy to configure, use and operate. Reliability and serviceability have been improved, also due to the use of latest technology electronics with upgraded processors. Its compactness is a big plus, as it only requires a small footprint in the factory. Nevertheless, its construction is robust, with high-quality materials, hence longer lasting and resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

A quick changeover is possible when the configuration needs to be different. Aspects such as the simplified label path, fast label threading, the quick-release printhead and the quick-release conveyor systems highly contribute to this, by offering easier access and setup. The WPL9000+ can function as a stand-alone machine, but also be part of a bigger solution, integrated in a packing line, managed by Innova software.


The WPL9000+ integrates even better with Marel’s Innova software platform to offer full production control. This software connection produces scalable solutions, built-in label design while providing real-time monitoring and reporting. The Innova modules ‘WPL’ and ‘OCM’ offer real-time data control, collection and analysis of all operations in a single system, while the label-creating editor ‘Labeling’ simplifies label management.

Each Individual item is recorded and can be automatically boxed, palletized and labeled based on product count or total weight. When configured as a plant-wide solution, the software can connect with the Innova OEE module and Innova Order Manager. Besides that, users can track product and weight information for the sake of traceability, to minimize risk and maintain control.

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