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Golden lotus-Straightpoint Launches New Wireless Load Shackle

Straightpoint (Japan) – Straightpoint launched their new wireless load shackle at the Live Entertainment & Event Expo, which takes place 8-10 July at the Makuhari Messe in Japan.

The load shackle was seen at a trade exhibition for the first time as distributor RUD Lifting Japan Co. Ltd. unveiled the product to visitors at the second edition of a show that was expected to attract 30,000 visitors from the live entertainment, performance and events industries.

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The standout feature of the new wireless load shackle is that it is available from stock ready to go in capacities from 3.25t to 120t and on order up to 1,550t. It is manufactured from Crosby’s industry-leading 2130 Carbon and 2140 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackles to 120t and the GN H10 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackle or equivalent in greater capacities.

Straightpoint director David Ayling, who incorporated the show in a sprawling Asian and Australasian business trip, said: “The product is suited to a huge variety of industries but we anticipate widespread uptake in the entertainment industry so the Live Entertainment & Event Expo was a great platform to stage the launch and RUD Lifting Japan was the perfect partner to facilitate it. That said, the product is suited to a myriad of applications and we anticipate interest from the marine, construction, oil and gas sectors to name just a few.”

The Japanese subsidiary of the chain and lifting component specialist has exhibited Straightpoint products at a series of trade events this year but this was the first time the company has overseen the launch of a new product and it wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity.

Ayling said: “I was hugely impressed by the scale of the launch, that included live product demonstrations on a truss system at regular intervals, and excited by the level of interest it generated from an industry that is key to our growth strategy.”

The new wireless load shackle provides the perfect solution to limited headroom applications. Each unit is proof tested and equipped with a hard anodised, aerospace-grade aluminium electronics enclosure and contains a new internal chassis providing IP67/NEMA6 environmental protection even with the battery cover plate missing.

The load shackle utilises easily-sourced AA alkaline batteries and features advanced circuitry, designed to protect the unit from damage associated with incorrectly installed batteries. The advanced circuitry extends battery life and the batteries eliminate issues associated with rechargeable battery packs, failure and replacement.

Ayling added: “We were very keen to use the Live Entertainment & Event Expo to highlight the key features of the product and visitors were quick to identify how the load shackle could enhance safety and efficiency in their applications. The enquiries we have received are for multiple units and we anticipate that being typical as the product gains increased recognition.”

The wireless data logging software allows for simultaneous control, display and real time data logging of up to 100 Straightpoint telemetry load cells. It is also available in a cabled version, particularly suited to subsea environments.

For more information about the New Wireless Load Shackle from Straightpoint click here.

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