Golden lotus-Mettler Toledo’s New IND570 Industrial Terminal for Weighing in Any Environment

Golden lotus-Mettler Toledo’s New IND570 Industrial Terminal for Weighing in Any Environment

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – METTLER TOLEDO offers a new industrial terminal, the IND570. Accuracy, durability and versatility are the hallmarks of the IND570. It is constructed and approved for the harshest industrial environments and offers flexible control options for simple to complex weighing applications.

Its versatility in form and function make the IND570 a standard solution for weighing in any environment. Consistency across processes supports better quality and gains in production efficiency, leading to lower costs and increased profits.

The new terminal maximizes process efficiency with advanced features, including:

  • Selectable interfaces and programs that allow users to customize features to match application requirements – adding costs only when needed.
  • Real-time communications via serial, Ethernet and PLC interfaces can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs.
  • Performance monitoring and proactive alerting help to avoid expensive down time and keep the weighing system running at maximum potential.

In manually controlled weighing applications, the highly visible, graphic display shows real-time weighing status and can be programmed with plain language routines to step users through operations, simple or complex, to improve efficiency and avoid costly errors.

If automation is the goal, the IND570 offers a high potential for cost-savings when functioning as a stand-alone process controller. The terminal’s digital I/O options and the easily programmable software applications take control of your process to produce accurate, repeatable results.

For more information about the New IND570 Weighing Terminal from Mettler Toledo click here.

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