Golden lotus-EXCELL Launched the World’s First Wireless Charging Waterproof Weighing Scale ELW WiPower

Golden lotus-EXCELL Launched the World’s First Wireless Charging Waterproof Weighing Scale ELW WiPower

Excell Precision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) – EXCELL today announced the launch of the ELW WiPower waterproofing weighing scale, the world’s first and only Wireless Charging weighing scale of its kind. The new ELW WiPower offers improved performance compared to ELW and ESW, and provides wireless charging operation in a wet washdown environment. ELW WiPower also addresses IEC60529 IP68 waterproofing requirements, with the protection of enclosures against the ingress of dirt and against the ingress of water.

The unique wireles charging capability of the ELW WiPower builds on the benefits of inductive charging by removing the close-contact requirement.

The transmitter can detect and charge our customized Qi receivers at greater distance (up to 7mm). This spatial freedom makes resonant charging perfect for applications such as mounting a charger under a table, desk or embedding technology deeper into our scale. The ELW WiPower is set up to operate in a simple, efficient and safe way.

“ELW WiPower help our customers eliminate the need for messy cords and provide a more convenient charging experience by just letting you drop your scale on or in the charging station.” said C.C. Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL.

“We are the world’s first scale vendor that applies wireless charging technology in the waterproofing weighing scale. So ELW WiPower is the world’s exclusive product of its kind. By not having to deal with power cords, the charger is less likely to break or wear out over time.” said Jeff Chien, EXCELL’s Vice President and Executive Assistant to CEO. “We also see the needs of wireless charging stations for customers in a more complicated and harsh environment. A multiple scale charging station can help keep all of your gadgets in one place and hiding the unaesthetic clutter of cords. So you can reduce the amount of cables and discard international power adapters.”

The EXCELL’s remarkable ELW WiPower remains the design of IP68 waterproof and dustproof requirements. With the ESW, ELW and ELW WiPower as part of our waterproofing series portfolio, EXCELL’s technology leadership in waterproof weighing scale is stronger than ever.

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