Coop. Bilanciai’s New Terminal D70 ES Desk and Universal Mount Indicator/Controller

Coop. Bilanciai’s New Terminal D70 ES Desk and Universal Mount Indicator/Controller

Coop. Bilanciai (Italy) – “Developed for the ease of use yet with the power to deliver, Bilanciai’s Dialogica D70 ES Series indicators/controllers are full of innovation, multi communication channels, yet are simple and easy to operate”, shared the company about their new Terminal.

Equipped with a desk and universal mount, the D70ES delivers all of the powerful features you expect from a leader in its class. The numeric keypad simplifies the user experience, making operations more convenient and flexible.


  • The D70ES Dialogica Series is designed for industry and built to last. With standard Double (Truck In/Out) and Single/Batch weighing applications and a host of standard printer interfaces the D70ES is industry ready
  • The intuitive multifunction keyboard allows navigation in any application and the IP66 rated enclosure effectively keeps internal components protected
  • A responsive high speed converter card coupled with configurable filtering makes the weighing process fast yet manageable
  • The D70 ES is packed with a range of connectivity — from RS-232/RS-485/RS-422-TCP/IP
  • Advanced FIR Averaging digital filtering
  • 10,000 Divisions NTEP and 4,000 Divisions OIML approved
  • Connect up to 24 x 700 Ohm analogue load cells
  • Powered by internal switching 110-240 Vac or external 12VDC adaptor
  • IP66 NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure endures harsh environments

For more information about the New Terminal D70 ES from Coop. Bilanciai click here.

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