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Withings completes its new mountain range of Smart Scales with the transfusion of Body Smart

You are viewing the Weighing Scale News Withings completes its new range of Smart Scales with the introduction of Body Smart at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment. All international weighing devices and parts come from Famous manufacturer.

Withings S.A. (France) – Press Release: The Withings Body Smart scale provides precision weight and body composition measurements as well as an Eyes Closed Mode for those that dare not look!

In 2009, Withings, a pioneer of the connected health movement, created the world’s first smart scale. Today, furthering the market it helped create, it introduces Body Smart, the latest addition to its smart scale lineup. Featuring Withings Precision TechnologyTM that combines multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), precision weight

sensors, and advanced algorithms delivering insights and health analysis, the entry-level scale provides a big bang for the buck. It provides precise weight and body composition analysis as well as advanced health measurements, including heart rate, visceral fat, metabolic age*, and basal metabolic rate*.

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Priced £99.95, Body Smart is an affordable addition and completes the Withings 2023 smart scale lineup that also includes Body Comp and Body Scan. All of the scales in the range are built upon the three pillars of Withings Precision Technology. Multifrequency BIA for great accuracy, precise and consistent weight measurements up to 50g, and advanced health insights, including tracking both health vital measurements and health condition assessments.

BIA works by sending a small electrical signal through the body, which measures the resistance and reactance of body tissues to the current. The more frequencies used, the more complete and accurate the picture of body health can be created. Multifrequency BIA and advanced algorithms enable Withings to dig deeper into body composition expanding from measuring fat, muscle mass, and water weight percentage to analyzing visceral fat and other advanced body metrics.

As part of its enhanced body composition analysis, Body Smart can also measure visceral fat, the type of fat that surrounds the internal organs that has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes**. Withings believes that by measuring and tracking visceral fat, users can better understand their overall health and take steps that might lower their chance of developing chronic diseases as well as heart health risks. Body Smart also provides cardiovascular measurements and insights by tracking

standing heart rates.

For the first time, Withings Body Smart will also be able to measure Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR is the number of calories the body burns at rest, and it provides valuable information about the user's overall metabolic health. By measuring BMR, users can better understand their overall health and make informed decisions about their diet and exercise. Body Smart also uses this to calculate metabolic age, comparing how many calories a body burns at rest with others in an age group. These features will be available from May 2023 onwards following an automatic update.

In another first, Body Smart features a color screen that displays all the relevant information; however, for the timid, those preferring to be more discreet, or people who dare not look, it features an Eyes Closed Mode. In Eyes Closed Mode, the user's weight is tracked in the accompanying Withings app but does not appear on the screen. Instead, users see encouraging motivating messages or daily information such as step counts, air quality, and the weather. Compatible with up to eight users, other modes include athletic, pregnancy*, and baby to accurately weigh even the smallest family member.

"Body Smart is a fantastic addition to the Withings smart scale lineup and one of the most feature-rich scales at its price point on the market,” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings. “Designed to improve users’ lives, Body Smart elevates the market by providing highly precise and accurate readings along with insightful and actionable health data and advice. It brings a new level of precision and clarity to the complexities of health in a beautifully designed device that fits in any home.”

Body Smart connects to the Withings app to help users track trends and measurements over time, follow progress, and receive detailed health advice and assessments as well as daily inspiration for long-term progress. Like Body Comp and Body Scan in the range, it is also compatible with the Withings+ (formally Health+), health improvement service. The subscription service guides users on a daily-basis to build better habits to reach their goal in the long-run by unlocking additional content such as additional metrics analysis, insights and guidance.

Body Smart launches in Europe and the USA on April 18, 2023. In the UK it will be available in Q3 2023 on www.withings.com Body Smart is priced £99.95 and comes in black or white. Priced at £189.95 at www.withings.com, Body Comp is currently available in the UK and now comes with a color LCD screen and is available in black or white. Body Scan featuring segmental body composition, a 6-lead ECG with atrial fibrillation detection and electrodermal activity, is also currently available in the UK priced £399.95 The full Withings 2023 smart scale lineup can be seen below.

*The metabolic age, basal metabolic rate measurements and pregnancy mode will be available from May 2023 onwards via an automatic


** Lee JJ, Pedley A, Hoffmann U, Massaro JM, Fox CS. Association of Changes in Abdominal Fat Quantity and Quality With Incident Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2016 Oct 4;68(14):1509-21. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2016.06.067. PMID: 27687192; PMCID: PMC5599249.

About Withings:

Withings created the first smart scale in 2009 and has been the pioneer in connected health ever since. Its clinically validated and multi award-winning range is used by millions worldwide, and includes smart scales, hybrid watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep analyzers and more. The team of engineers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals at Withings work alongside clinical experts to make it possible to take medical-grade measurements at home. Withings was the first to bring measurements

for pulse wave velocity and electrodermal activity into the home – finding ever more precise ways to measure our health. Withings Health Solutions, its dedicated division serving healthcare professionalsacross chronic disease prevention and management, remote patient monitoring, clinical research and more helps bridge the gap between patients and their care teams.

Withings is dedicated to creating a world where people can see their path to better health, and feel supported to pursue it using devices designed to fit beautifully into daily life, supported by information that unlocks long-term health insights and offers programs to create meaningful change.

Withings completes its new range of Smart Scales with the introduction of Body Smart

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