Ultra-Range of Bench Scales for your Serious Washdown Applications

Ultra-Range of Bench Scales for your Serious Washdown Applications

Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc. (USA) – The new PS2 Ultra scale range takes washdown protection to a new level with its complete stainless steel construction and fully welded stainless steel load cell. The PS2 Ultra gives IP 68 protection in an easy to clean format with the specially designed “open pillar” design and Sani-Spray platter and base structure.

The load cell is able to withstand high pressure water jets used in food production facilities. A rechargeable battery keeps the unit working for a minimum of 100 hours without recharging, making it ideal for facilities operating continuous shift work.

The 13” x 11” platform is an ideal size for portion control or food packing. The platter has rounded corners to protect staff from injury and to avoid snagging packages. Capacities are 13.2 lb x 0.002 lb, (6000 g x 1 g), 26 lb x 0.005 lb, 12 kg x 0.002 kg and 66 lb x 0.01 lb (30 kg x 0.005 kg).

About Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc.:

Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc. is an international provider of weighing products and components. With its 8,000-square foot facility located in Camarillo, CA, Intelligent Weighing Technology offers a high level of product inventory for faster shipping. But we don’t just ship product. Every balance that leaves this building has been checked out and calibrated by our expert staff to make sure you get the best product available. Built on a cornerstone of quality, precision, and service, Intelligent Weighing Technology provides its customers with the equipment they need, right on time.

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