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Testing – Wilmar applied General Measure’s Controller and Checkweigher in its China Factory

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Wilmar applied General Measure’s Controller and Checkweigher in its China Factory

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) – Wilmar is a Asia’s leading agribusiness group founded in Singapore, whose annual sales of packed rice exceed 1.5 million tons. At present, there are over 80% of Wilmar rice mills in China applying General Measure’s weighing indicator/module and checkweigher in rice packing automatic production lines.

The Packaging Application in Wilmar:

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  • GM8804C5: Bulk grain cumulative flow scale indicator, the flow scale indicator can be used in every step of rice processing, for calculating and recording the gain rate and rice broken rate of each link. Thus, the process efficiency and quality can be controlled effectively.
  • GM8802S-P: Packing module connected with external touch screen, is responsible for controlling the rice packaging line according to the weight. This packing module can make full use of filtering and information processing to achieve high-speed and high-precision, with theoretical speed of 1000 packs of rice per hour, and within 0.2% weight fluctuation in terms of accuracy (Depends on different pack weight). On the basis of supporting the operation of the automated production line, our packing module guarantees the accurate and fast rice packing process, which saves the time cost and improves efficiency.
  • C401A-60K: Checkweigher within 60kg of weight range. Every automatic packaging line needs a dynamic checkweigher at the back end to check whether the packed rice meets the required weight specifications, which assures the quality of the product. Thereby, the brand quality assurance can be guaranteed among consumers.

The Advantage of GM’s Weighing Product:

  1. High-speed and High-precision: 1000bags/h within 0.2%•
  2. Stable Performance with low repair rate, <0.1%
  3. Supporting automated production line
  4. Cost-effective

As a world-famous enterprise, in the choice of suppliers, Wilmar always pay attention to the scale of suppliers, and focus on selecting companies with rich history, strong technical background and good reputation. General Measure strives to meet the supplier requirements of international brands no matter in production management, quality assurance or corporate culture.

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