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Testing – Hellas Bakery implements SG Systems V5 Traceability

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Hellas Bakery implements SG Systems V5 Traceability

SG Systems LLC (United States) – SG Systems Global successful implementation of V5 Traceability and at world renowned Hellas Bakery in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Since 1970 Hellas Restaurant and Bakery has been a proud cornerstone of the Greek Community in Tarpon Springs. Owned and operated by the Karterouliotis family, Hellas Restaurant and Bakery heralds their rich heritage by producing a truly authentic and cultural cuisine.

Bạn mong muốn tìm kiếm cân công nghiệp chính hãng chất lượng cao hay cân điện tử giá rẻ, hãy cho Hoa sen vàng biết và nhận sự tư vấn nhiệt tình-chu đáo, sản phẩm đều có giá trị và đặc tính riêng của chúng … hãy Gọi ngay : 028 3511 7799 (kinh doanh) hoặc truy cập website: https://hoasenvang.com.vn/shops/ (sản phẩm)

V5 Traceability with QuickBooks Enterprise Interface

Managing inventory, batch production and shipping was a key requirement for Hellas Bakery. Ensuring each ingredient is managed, weighed, and accounted for is part of their overall quality control strategy. In this case, Hellas Bakery required a QuickBooks Enterprise Accounting Interface.

QuickBooks Enterprise is used to manage Purchase and Sales Orders, which are integrated with the V5 Traceability API, allowing a seamless integration between the two systems. V5 Traceability allows Purchase and Sales Orders to be received, labeled, picked, packed, and shipped accurately. Hellas uses the V5 Traceability software to manage all aspects of production scheduling, batching and finished goods creation.

Hellas Bakery installed many windows-based devices to support production and warehouse inventory. The devices consist of barcode scanners, printers, touch screens and scales (in production) and wireless tablet computers in the warehouse areas.

Owner, Nick Karterouliotis comments “When we initially began our search for a traceability system, we were looking or something that was very much a software package that integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise. Through meeting SG Systems, we realized the solution had to be a combination of hardware and software because all the traceability events that we needed to capture occur on the shop floor itself. SG Systems provided a turnkey solution and V5 Traceability delivers exactly that”

V5 WMS (Warehouse Management System)

After QuickBooks Enterprise has the required data to control the financials, all inventory levels are managed inside the V5 WMS module. This includes allergen control, ingredient put-away rules, labeling and pallet management. On the shipping side it ensures an accurate pick, pack and ship process with necessary shipping documentation to provide traceability.

Administrative Assistant, Laurie Camp states “With V5 Traceability installed we have digital control and traceability throughout the baking process. This allows us to see what, where, when, and how ingredients are used. This is a key requirement for GFSI and our GMP program. Customer audits are so much easier now”

For more information on V5 Traceability, visit www.sgsystemsglobal.com For more information on Hellas Bakery, visit www.hellasbakery.com

Case Studies Download Section:

Hellas CaseStudy (8.5×11)

Hellas CaseStudy (A4)

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