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Testing – Dibal Automatic Grading of Hams by Weight

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Dibal S.A. (Spain) – We present one of the latest automatic weight grader that we have manufactured for a client in the ham industry located in Salamanca (Spain).

The client needed a classifier by weight for hams between 5 and 12 kg with two ejectors. Given the characteristics (dimensions and weight) of the product to be classified, we opted for an entry conveyor and a weighing conveyor of 1,000 x 400 mm, and the rotating blades system for the classification; this equipment has a performance of 20 pieces per minute.

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The classifier will be used at two points in the process: in a phase prior to curing the ham, to calculate the amount of salt and the time necessary for each piece to reach the optimum curing point; and in a second phase, when it is already cured, to check the final weight of the piece. With this information, the client can also calculate the losses incurred during the curing process.

In the video you can see the equipment in operation at our facilities prior to dispatch.

If you also need to classify your products by weight, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to find the optimal solution.

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