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Testing – CI Precision Checkweighing Rental Service Overcomes Covid-19 Restrictions

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CI Precision (France) – A laboratory in France had an urgent quality assurance need to individually check weigh over two million tablets before the batch expired, so they contacted CI Precision’s French agent, Pharm-Alliance for help. There was no real alternative to automated weighing, as a manual process would have taken several months to complete.

In spite of travel and other restrictions due to Covid-19, CI Precision prepared a rental weight sorter and shipped it to the client within very strict deadlines. A CI engineer managed to travel to the client by car from the UK, under ‘essential industry’ exemption from both countries’ governments, to install the machine, conduct the IQ, and train personnel in its operation.

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The SADE SP checkweigher carried out the weight sorting process on time, within a three-week deadline, and the client was pleased with the results.

“The machine has been very useful to us, and efficient!”, commented the Manufacturing Manager. “I won’t hesitate to call on your services again if we need it.”

In these exceptional circumstances, it is good to know that a rental SADE SP tablet & capsule weight sorter for batch recovery is the solution you can count on.

We are committed to working with you to Stay Safe and Stay Productive.

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