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Testing – Case study:Bucket filling line with SysTec weighing electronics

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Case study: Bucket filling line with SysTec weighing electronics

SysTec Systemtechnik und Industrieautomation GmbH (Germany) – At the Hilti site in Kaufering, Germany, SysTec‘s partner KESTERMANN GmbH recently installed a fully automated filling system for the W&M approved filling of buckets with robot handling. A fire protection paste is filled into containers of different sizes – quickly, precisely and efficiently. SysTec’s powerful IT8000E weighing terminals in combination with the FILL E application software ensure a high throughput.

The key facts:

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  • Automatic weighing instrument (AWI) for filling of buckets
  • W&M approved filling of liquids
  • Robust weighing electronics
  • PROFINET connection
  • Fast filling of containers with different sizes (5, 10, 15 and 20 liters)


  • IT8000E: Versatile and robust SysTec weighing terminal for continuous operation
  • SysTec application software FILL E ensures rapid filling – customized software modifications
  • Powerful KESTERMANN filling system incl. installation and service

The process:

A multi-stage and fully automated process takes place during the filling of the buckets: First, the product code is scanned by a supervisor. The filling parameters are stored in the IT8000E weighing terminal and the automated filling process can start:

At the first station, a robot takes over the destacking of the buckets. They are then transported on a conveyor belt to the weighing station, where a filling system fills the buckets. Here, the SysTec weighing electronics ensure precise and fast filling of the fire protection paste into the containers. In the next step, a foil is applied to the bucket. Then a robot places the bucket lid on the filled bucket. At the last station, the lid is pressed firmly onto the bucket by a press-on device and sealed. Among the advantages of the SysTec weighing systems with W&M approval are the PROFINET connection, the robustness of the weighing electronics and the product-specific parameter settings.

Efficient throughput:

Buckets of different sizes are filled in the plant: 5, 10, 15 and 20 liters. The throughput differs according to the different sizes of the containers. For example, 280 buckets of 5-liter size can be filled per hour. When the large 20-liter buckets are used, the system handles 220 per hour. "We have a long-standing partnership with SysTec. We appreciate the great variety of SysTec weighing terminals. There are numerous ready-made application programs for the most diverse areas of use. In addition, special customer requirements can be easily implemented thanks to the free programmability of the weighing terminals", says Dominik Kestermann, Project Engineering & Sales, KESTERMANN GmbH.

Customer benefits:

  1. Automated robotic filling line saves time and money
  2. High precision filling systems
  3. Powerful control system
  4. W&M approved weighing electronics
  5. Storage of product data
  6. High operational safety – no operating personnel required

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