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Stable Performance of General Measure’s Weighing Indicators Tested under OIML Requests

You are viewing the weighing news Stable Performance of General Measure’s Weighing Indicators Tested under OIML Requests at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Stable Performance of General Measure’s Weighing Indicators Tested under OIML Requests

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) – Press Release: To make sure all the weighing indicators work stable in harsh environments, General Measure has tested the weighing indicators by high and low-temperature test, anti-static test, anti-burst test, and anti-lighting surge test in our R&D laboratory. It turns out GM’s products have superior performance.

1. Indicator Low-Temperature Test

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Demonstration: After calibrating the weighing indicator, we put it in temp&humi chamber and set the temperature as -40℃. After 3 hours in low temp, we came back to check the working status of the indicator by turning the simulator. The weighing indicator still works as normal with a quick response.

2. Indicator Anti-Static Test

Demonstration: In this test, we prepared the weighing indicator GMT-P1, weighing scale with 30kg full-scale loadcell, and static discharging gun. After connecting the weighing indicator with loadcell and calibrating with 200g weight, we used a static discharging gun to do contact discharging to the metal case of the weighing indicator, then air discharging to the non-metal case, by following the OIML R76 requirements as ±6KV and ±8KV voltage respectively. Mostly, the weighing indicator remains 200g, which is very stable.

3. Indicator Anti-Burst Test

Demonstration: Regarding the anti-burst test, we utilized a fast transient burst simulator and coupling clamp to test the signal end of the weighing indicator. Under the OIML R76 requirement, we set voltage as ±0.5KV to positive and negative pole interfere in 120s respectively. During the test, the weighing indicator kept displaying 200g all the time, which is very stable.

4. Indicator Anti Lightning Surge Test

Demonstration: Talking about anti lightning surge test, the lightning surge generator was connected to the weighing indicator that is connected to the loadcell. In the real experiment, we set voltage as 1KV that is higher than the requirement of OIML R76 (0.5KV), but the result turns out that the weighing indicator is very stable without any display variation.

Through the results from the above 4 tests, we are very proud to introduce our stable weighing indicators to the clients and industry.

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