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Sesotec X-Ray Inspection Reaches New Levels

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Sesotec GmbH (Germany) – Press Release: The complete RAYCON product family: an optimal solution for every application.

Sesotec GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium foreign object detection systems, has now completed its proven RAYCON product family. As a complete product series, RAYCON can now offer x-ray inspection solutions for all applications in the food industry.

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Each model in the product portfolio is designed with the others in mind and great attention to detail. With an array of equipment ranging from entry-level, to standard, to high-end, this sophisticated x-ray inspection technology ensures the reliable detection of foreign bodies in food products such as metals, bones, stones, plastics, glass fragments, ceramics, and even product defects. Innovative software features such as filters known as the “Bone Detector,” “Wirefinder,” and “Glass Increaser” make it possible to increase the detection accuracy for specific kinds of contaminants.

Product quality is a top priority of the food industry. In a worst-case scenario, distributing defective goods can have fatal consequences. It can also involve incredibly expensive product recalls, recourse claims, and consumer damage claims. To prevent this from happening, the latest generation of RAYCON x-ray inspection systems quickly and reliably detect a wide variety of foreign objects in packaged and unpackaged food products. For the inspection of lightweight or sharp-edged packaged products, Sesotec offers devices that do not require radiation protection curtains.

In developing the new generation of RAYCON, our engineers focused on the specific needs of food manufacturers and processors. In-depth analyses and customer interviews revealed six main requirements for foreign object detection: compliance, safety, operation, hygiene, efficiency, and service. With this in mind, Sesotec developed the “6 Priorities Framework” for practical x-ray inspection solutions.

X-ray inspection devices in the RAYCON family come with a “Higher Level Compliance Package” as standard. The software enables comprehensive and efficient documentation, and also offers the following features: audit check, predictive sensitivity, compliance mode, compliance monitoring, and an integrated validation process.

For businesses in search of the absolute perfect match, Sesotec also provides customized service offerings for the RAYCON product family. For users in the food industry, this ensures both increased profitability as well as greater sustainability and resource conservation.

Sesotec Product Manager Food, Thomas Hellgermann, summarizes: “The new, innovative RAYCON family of inspection devices is the culmination of the decades of experience that Sesotec has accumulated, both in the food industry and with x-ray technology. Each device, from the entry-level to standard to high-end model and its variants, is of the highest quality both in terms of hardware and software. RAYCON is truly second to none.”

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