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Radwag’s NewRMC 10000.5Y Robotic Mass Comparator

Radwag’s NewRMC 10000.5Y Robotic Mass Comparator

You are watching the latest news about electronic scales and equipment Radwag’s NewRMC 10000.5Y Robotic Mass Comparator at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) – Press Release: The RMC 10000.5Y is a combination of robotic system and automatic comparator. It features:

  • Automatic ejectable mass standard magazines, which increase user comfort and make it easier to replace the mass standards tested
  • Supplementary weights internal that guarantee fully automatic change of measurement range
  • Weighing module equipped with a self-centering pan, which minimizes centricity error and enables even better and more accurate results
  • A specially designed weighing pan and magazine for automatic mass comparator allowing the dissemination process to be carried out in a division of up to three mass standards
  • The latest 10-inch 5Y terminal, and with it intuitive, simple and fast programming of the comparision process.

The RMC 10000.5Y Robotic Mass Comparator works with:

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  • A computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone to observe the comparative process in real time
  • RTP-UEW80 wireless printers, so you can print reports via Wi-Fi®.

The RMC 10000.5Y enables the comparison of groups of mass standards in a fully automatic cycle. Stable environmental conditions throughout the comparative process translate into low measurement uncertainty.

Radwag's New RMC 10000.5Y Robotic Mass Comparator

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