NTEP Approved Fertalizer Blender Weighing System

NTEP Approved Fertalizer Blender Weighing System

Rinstrum Inc. (USA) – Rinstrum Inc. in Troy Michigan USA has been awarded NTEP Certificate 17-114 on their new X-MOUNT hopper and tank weighing system.

The X-Mount System is a legal-for-trade tank weighing system specifically designed to retrofit fertilizer blender applications or for Industrial / pharmaceutical / chemical weighing applications. Each X-Mount System is customized to your exact installation requirements to precisely fit under existing or newly installed tank, hopper or weigh vessel.

The X-Mount System is intended for use in the most demanding wash-down and or corrosive environments. The entire system is manufactured from stainless steel and the load cells are hermetically sealed and rated to IP 68 standards.

Capacities range from 1,000 lbs. to 62,500 lbs. and can be configured as 3, 4 or 6 leg vessels in either a round, square or oblong shape while still maintaining NTEP Certification.

This is a breakthrough product for tank weighing applications. Not only is the X-Mount System NTEP Certified as a complete weighing system it is technician friendly with easy installation features and is one of the most accurate weighing modules on the market today.

Key Features:

  • Load Introduction via a rocker pin assembly directly acts on the neutral zone of the load cell
  • Side, End and Torsion load effects are eliminated
  • 100 % uplift protection
  • Adjustable side to side checking
  • ± 1/8 height adjustment for a perfectly balanced load
  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel
  • Customized height of X-mount stands to fit your installation requirements
  • Customized length and width to fit your tank and hopper leg requirements

Designed to replace an existing pipe lever system, simply provide Rinstrum with the length, width and height of the existing stands and they will supply a complete bolt in replacement system.

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