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New Weighbridge Indicators WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE from Laumas Elettronica

Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. (Italy) – LAUMAS extends its range of Weighbridge Indicators by offering the new models WTAB BGE in ABS plastic and WINOX BGE in stainless steel AISI 304. Both products, equipped with graphic LCD display and 52-key extended keyboard, are particularly simple and intuitive to use thanks to its multilingual support software. The new indicators are also able to handle the most complex system configurations by providing as basic equipment 1 Ethernet TCP / IP port, 2 USB ports and 4 serial ports (2xRS485 + 2xRS232).

The main functions are:

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  • Possibility of connection to CLM8 series intelligent junction box which allows the use of various functions including: digital equalization, load distribution analysis and automatic diagnostics
  • Simultaneous management of 254 trucks. Database with 500 storable vehicles (license plates, predetermined tare), Products, Customers and Operators
  • Barcode reader management with printing and open weighing ID recall
  • Up to 10000 weights can be saved in alibi memory
  • Double weighing function (entry and exit), single weighing (entry or exit), double weighing with trailer, single weighing with trailer, multiple weighing (weighing vehicles with multiple compartments)
  • Customizable printing (header and footer) via PC software
  • Two-way traffic light management operated by the indicator relay outputs or via serial port in combination with Laumas remote display, model RIPLEDIP65
  • Multilingual software

Series WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE are certified in accordance with the European Directive 2014/31/EU (NAWI), EN 45501: 2015 and the International Recommendation OIML R76: 2006.

Options on request:

  • Muilt-in thermal printer (only for WTAB BGE series)
  • Rechargeable battery inserted in a battery compartment accessible from outside (only for WTAB BGE series)
  • UL Certification: certified component in accordance with US and Canada regulations
  • EAC Certification complying with Eurasian Customs Union regulations (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan)
  • NMI Trade Approved Certification in accordance with Australian Market Rules for legal use in dealings with third parties

For more information about the New WTAB BGE and WINOX BGE Weighbridge Indicators from Laumas click here.

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