New Video from Prisma Industriale showing their Checkweighing Systems

New Video from Prisma Industriale showing their Checkweighing Systems


Prisma Industriale S.r.l. (Italy) – Prisma Industriale has launched recently a new video to show their Checkweighers in action in several type of applications and industries.


About Prisma Industriale S.r.l.:

Prisma Industriale S.r.l. was established in 1984 in Fidenza (Parma), in the heart of the Food Valley and the food mechanical engineering. Over the years, PRISMA has become the reference in the checkweigher and metal detector’s market, by specializing in different industries and extending its experience to all the aspects of products control and inspection.

Today PRISMA INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. is the only one to produce 100% Made in Italy metal detectors and checkweighers and is the leader in this sector on the Italian market. Its commercial network covers the whole Italian territory. Its systems allow manufacturers of all over the world and of any sector to respect regulations, increase productivity, assuring the safety of their own products and therefore of their own brand.

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