New Supplier Entry – Unisystem AB (Sweden)

New Supplier Entry – Unisystem AB (Sweden)

8b03ce939b.pngUnisystem AB (Sweden)

Swedish Unisystem AB offers a wide range of marine scales which can be used at sea as well in the aquaculture industry. Unisystem was the first manufacturer of approved marine scales according to the European Directive 2009/23/EC.

The scales are unique due to their automatic global gravity compensation unit. Unisystem’s marine scales are very accurate even after long-term use and do not need recalibration. When travelling long distances, with the gravity change, the built-in compensation unit takes care of the global gravity compensation in addition to the tilt and motion compensation. This huge advantage makes the marine scales of Unisystem unique and highly appreciated by fishermen sailing in e.g. international waters.

Starting with just a marine scale as a standalone scale Unisystem offers the possibility to extend later on with software for reports, a printer for labelling and last but not least with the total eSea®System software including RFID. This system can be delivered with communications for direct transfer of catch reports to an E-logbook and even traceability can be transferred. As more and more countries require traceability reporting the eSea®System will be the next generation of marine scales.

Unisystem supplies highly durable and very easy-to-use marine scales. Convinced by the quality of their products they therefore offer a two years warranty. Unisystem develops and manufactures even customized weighing platforms and pallet scales including the same global gravity, tilt and motion compensation for use at sea.

Main Products:

Marine Scales, Weighing Systems with Gravity Compensation, On Board Scales, Scales for Fishing Vessels, At Sea Scales, Etc.

Contact details:

Address: Unisystem AB, Bergebyvägen 24, 685 34, Torsby, Sweden.

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