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New Legal-For-Trade HBK WTX110-D Weighing Terminal for Industrial Environments

You are viewing the weighing news New Legal-For-Trade HBK WTX110-D Weighing Terminal for Industrial Environments at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

HBM – Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) – HBK Expands WTX Weighing Terminal Series with New WTX110-D for Digital Load Cells.

To enable new applications and facilitate weighted measurements, Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) has launched its new user-friendly weighing terminal, the WTX110-D.

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This robust addition to the company’s WTX weighing terminal series can be used in the harshest environments due to its stainless-steel housing and IP69K degree of protection, which makes it resistant to humidity, dust and cleaning agents. It is ideal for applications in truck and silo scales – and can also be used in areas governed by stringent hygiene requirements, such as those specified for food, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

WTX110-D enables users to connect up to 32 digital load cells and has the option of desktop or panel mounting. With a 4.3-inch color display featuring practical soft-key control, plus the capability to set it up and control via a web interface or mobile app, all WTX terminals are much easier to use onsite than most conventional weighing indicators.

As part of HBK’s WTX series, the WTX110-D can be combined with the company’s digital load cells to provide users with a complete weighing solution which is certified according Legal for Trade applications (LFT).

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