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New Dibal LP-5000 Manual Labeller for Industrial Environments

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New Dibal LP-5000 Manual Labeller for Industrial Environments

Dibal S.A. (Spain) – Press Release: In Dibal we have maintained the same attitude for 35 years: keeping the needs of our users/clients in mind in each one of our developments, trying to add value to them; adapting our products and services to the new demands; understanding how to help our clients to solve their current and future problems.

This idea has driven our latest launching: the LP-5000, a manual labeller – weight indicator, a logical evolution of the LP-3000 that covers the industrial sector’s needs we have been receiving in recent times.

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This equipment is specially thought for food industries (or others) that:

  • Label products manually (with or without weighing).
  • Label low-medium quantities of products.
  • Label special shaped products, not suitable for automatic labelling.
  • Use special labels (irregular shapes, special materials, etc.), not suitable for automatic labelling.
  • Label in small spaces.

Here are some of the advantages for the new LP-5000 manual labeller-weight indicator:

  • More Powerful. Its proprietary software makes it easy to set up and program everything: variables, barcodes, articles, clients, label formats (including on-screen graphic design), etc.
  • Hardiness. It is made of materials resistant to environmental corrosion: AISI 304L stainless steel, anodised aluminium and ABS plastic, for use in the most demanding environments -from 0ºC to 40ºC (down to -10ºC inactive/off) and with humidity between 40-80% both in the food industry and in any industrial environment in general.
  • Practical. Its 10.1” mobile console can be adapted to the characteristics of the work area, and can be fixed to the labeller via an anchoring column, to the wall, or detached on a stand. In addition, its projected capacitive touch screen supports the use of most gloves.
  • Easy and Intuitive. Its weighing and labelling application has been developed following UX/UI design principles.

The LP Dibal range of manual labellers has 6 models, four LP-3000, two with 3” printer head and two with 4” printer head, all of them with direct thermal or termal transfer printing system; and two LP-5000, with 4” printer head and direct thermal or thermal transfer printing system. There are also models without weighing to be used as manual labellers.

The LP-5000 adds new functionalities compared to the LP-3000:

  • Weighing. LP-5000 can be connected to a weighing platform up to 16 loadcells; and to up to two weighing platforms with metrological verification. LP-3000 can be connected to a single load cell platform or a 4 load cells platform, with metrological verification.
  • Labelling System. LP-5000 printer head is a 4” and the printing speed is up to 250 mm/s. LP-3000 printer head can be 3” or 4”, and the printing speed is up to 150 mm/s for both of them. LP-5000 has a history control for a predictive maintenance.
  • Labels. A wider range of dimensions of labels can be used with the LP-5000; this equipment can also be used with paper, polypropylene and perforated cardboard labels.
  • Equipment. The LP-5000 has a 10.1” flat TFT projected capacitive touch screen, while the LP-3000 has a “Qwerty” keypad and backlit graphic LCD display. The LP-5000 has more communication ports (1 Ethernet TCP/IP, 2s RS-232 and 2 front USB [3.0 + 2.0]) and its CPU is more powerful:
    • Processor: Celeron N3160.
    • RAM: 4 GB DDR3 (expandable to 8 GB).
    • Hard disc: 128 GB.

As for the rest of Dibal equipment, the top components used in the LP-5000 assure the highest quality. Excellence has always been in Dibal’s DNA, as our desire is to forge lasting relationsips with customers, to become a trusted technology partner, something that can only be achieved by providing high-performance products.

LP-5000 manual labeller offers functions specifically developed for industrial uses:

  • Operation in checkweigher mode with filling display on the status bar.
  • Access to settings and uses depending on user levels.
  • Complete, easy-to-edit job information for quick on-screen changes (client, batch, Price, tare, dates, traceability, label format…).
  • Graphic designer of labels in the equipment for creating and editing formats.
  • Tares: fixed, glaze percentage, accumulative…
  • Option to print text in different languages (UNICODE).
  • Own print fonts and any kind of TTF fonts.
  • Loading and processing of logos and easy printing images.
  • Front USB interface for full or partial backups, uploading logos and images, and importing/exporting data.
  • Configuration and printing of most one -and two- dimensional barcodes.
  • Automatic or manual label printing of products with variable weights, or pre-programmed for fixed weight or non-weighed articles.

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