New Check-Weigher Application for Utilcell SWIFT Weighing Indicator

New Check-Weigher Application for Utilcell SWIFT Weighing Indicator


Utilcell (Spain) – Utilcell has released a new Check-Weigher functionality for the SWIFT Weighing Indicator and High Speed Transmitter to cover a wider range of processes industrial weighing, helping Machine Builders and Automation Companies in the reduction of development costs and reduction on time to market caused by the complex calculations involved in Dynamic Weighing applications.

Check-Weigher application uses a special Digital Filter for load cell signals at 2400 measurements per second, allowing the automatic calculation of the Weight of a product in motion. This High-Speed device is perfect for applications with need of high weighing speed rate. The start-up of this special process can be performed by several different trigger functions: Weight Level, External Input, Keyboard or Serial Communication. Additionally the result of the different weights can be totalized. Finally, after the weight is calculated, the result of the weight is displayed and it can be sent through a serial port to a printer, PLC or PC.

In Check-Weigher application we can control the time of three configurable weighing periods:

  • Delay Time: Waiting time before weighing can be started.
  • Weight Readings Time: Time for signal averaging to calculate weight result.
  • Display Time: Time for showing weight result on display.

The figure above shows the three steps of Check-Weigher application

This new application along with other weighing functionalities makes SWIFT ideal for easy implementing:

  • Check-Weighers
  • Animal Weighing
  • Weight Control Processes
  • Product Classification

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