New Budget Load Cells from Mettler Toledo offer same Performance, Reliability as Expensive Counterparts

New Budget Load Cells from Mettler Toledo offer same Performance, Reliability as Expensive Counterparts


METTLER TOLEDO (USA) – METTLER TOLEDO’s new load cells have been developed for cost-effective weighing with superior accuracy and compliance to common industrial standards. The new SLB215 and SLB415 nickel-plated steel load cells with hermetic sealing offer the same performance and reliability as their more expensive stainless-steel counterparts.

METTLER TOLEDO is now offering a new series of beam load cells made of nickel-plated steel with hermetic sealing to ensure performance over time in dusty and humid environments. These load cells facilitate cost-effective solutions for integrated weighing in logistics, instruments and general machine building. Due to the hermetic sealing, the performance and reliability of the SLB215 and SLB415 load cells can be the same as with premium stainless-steel load cells. Using these new load cells can save owners the cost for service and replacement that comes with typical budget load cells.

The SLB215 and SLB415 cover capacities from 110 kilograms to 4.4 tons. In addition, they are fully approved to meet OIML, NTEP, ATEX and FM standards.

The SLB415 has a blind-hole design for the best metrology performance, while the SLB215 has a threaded load introduction for very easy integration.

Accessories are available to correctly install loads.

Strain-gauge load-cell performance is greatly impacted by the sealing against damp humidity. Strain gauges are made from plastics, which absorb and discharge humidity. That leads to a kind of pumping effect that changes the performance of load cells if they are not hermetically sealed.

The SLB215 and SLB415 help users avoid the high initial costs for hermetically sealed stainless- steel load cells by using nickel-plated carbon steel, but they do not compromise on the sealing. Each cell is laser welded and provides premium performance and reliability, but at budget costs.

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