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Morehouse’s New C705P Digital Indicator

Morehouse’s New C705P Digital Indicator

You are viewing the Weighing Scale News Morehouse’s New C705P Digital Indicator at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment. All international weighing devices and parts come from Famous manufacturer.

Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. (United States) – Press Release: Superior Replacement for many GB2 Gauge Buster Applications.

The C705P digital indicator can use span calibrations or coefficients at a lower price point than the 4215 plus. This indicator is fantastic for field calibration, where the calibration is performed using either ASTM E74 or ISO 376 as the calibration standard. The C705P can also be programmed for span calibrations, which are typical for those wanting a defined accuracy specification and calibration with verification to that specification.

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C705P Digital Indicator:

The C705P Digital Indicator is a standalone unit that does not require additional software, load tables, or computers to use the B coefficients and solve for Force.

The Morehouse C705P can store coefficients used to predict load cell deflection values throughout the calibrated range. The polynomial equation, fitted to calibration data using the least-squares method, is found on many ASTM E74, ISO 376, and other calibration certificates. The indicator can store 5 load cell calibrations.

Many other digital indicators use a span calibration using a straight line, which introduces significant bias (Measurement Error) because the load cell output is often not linear and fits better to a calibration curve. Sometimes the bias from a calibration span is larger than the load cell specification. The bias adds additional error and increases the measurement uncertainty.

The Morehouse C705P uses a unique algorithm to segment the line, eliminating a significant percentage of this bias error.

A new polynomial equation is calculated and entered directly into the indicator if the coefficient method is used when the unit is sent in for calibration. This means additional adjustments are not needed, which reduces calibration costs. Compare this method with a span calibration where the system drifts, and both calibration and then verification with adjustments may need to occur, increasing the calibration costs.

Features include:

  • Large, Easy to read 7 digit LCD with 6 selectable backlit colors
  • Perfect for ISO 7500 and ASTM E4 calibration as calibration coefficients can be used to display engineering units
  • Calibration B coefficients can predict load cell deflection values throughout the calibrated range.
  • If an accuracy specification is required, the C705P uses a segmented line method to reduce bias
  • Can program up to 5 discrete channels, tension and compression, or 1 mode only
  • Up to 100,000 external grads resolution
  • Enclosure meets IP-69K
  • Heavy Duty Swivel Mounting Stand
  • No power connection, no problem, as the C705P can run on Batteries and has a Battery Capacity Meter
Morehouse's New C705P Digital Indicator

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