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METTLER TOLEDO New Top-Performing Balances Fulfill Exacting Requirements and Extend Weighing Ranges in New and Exciting Ways

You are viewing the weighing news METTLER TOLEDO New Top-Performing Balances Fulfill Exacting Requirements and Extend Weighing Ranges in New and Exciting Ways at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – Press Release: METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce a new and improved line of XPR analytical and micro-analytical balances, as well as launch the XPR106DUH. Unique in the market, the XPR106DUH allows you to weigh your smallest samples into heavier tare containers to promote ease, enhance throughput, and increase accuracy.

METTLER TOLEDO takes the next step in weighing evolution with the introduction of five new analytical balances, three new high-performance balances, and the unique XPR106DUH. These portfolio enhancements continue the METTLER TOLEDO tradition of imagining new weighing horizons that enable limit-busting laboratory applications.

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Each new model extends METTLER TOLEDO’s flagship line. High-performance balance models XPR36C, XPR56C, and XPR226CDR bring improvements such as better repeatability at nominal loads, lower minimum weights, heavier capacities, and a larger fine range. Replacement models XPR36, XPR36DR, XPR226DR, XPR225DR and XPR225DU provide higher top-load performance at price points nearly identical to their predecessors.

While high-performance models push limits, the brand-new XPR106DUH closes the gap: Positioned to inhabit the space between analytical and micro-analytical weighing, this versatile balance offers a maximum capacity of 120 grams (41 grams in fine range) and a readability of 5 micrograms (2 micrograms in fine range). The ability to use less sample means a faster ROI, especially when substances are rare or costly.

New XPR models offer the hardware, software and feature highlights that operators have come to expect including statistical quality control. The significant change in these reliable five- and six-place balances is an increased maximum load at the same or better repeatability to provide the utmost in compliant, high-resolution weighing for industries such as pharma, biotech, and food.

Ultimately, improvements in the XPR portfolio mean a smaller number of weighing instruments can cover a wider range of analytical tasks. Discover how the new and improved 2020 XPR balance series can make your lab processes leaner, more accurate, and more innovative today.

XPR Micro-Analytical Balances:https://www.mt.com/ch/en/home/products/Laboratory_Weighing_Solutions/Micro_Ultra_Balances/XPR-micro-analytical.html

XPR Analytical Balances:https://www.mt.com/ch/en/home/products/Laboratory_Weighing_Solutions/Analytical/Excellence/xpr-analytical-balances.html


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