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Load Cells and Weight Transmitters: New Catalogue 2021

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Load Cells and Weight Transmitters:

New Catalogue 2021

Dear Customer,

We are happy to inform you that the new Catalogue and Price List 2021 for Dini Argeo load cells and weight transmitters is now available on our website. The wide range includes off-center, shear beam, compression load cells and many others, as well as mounting kits, junction boxes and weight transmitters.

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Wide range of capacities, various IP protection ratings and accuracy classes, approval for legal-for-trade use, analog or digital technology, ATEX certified products for hazardous areas: all this and much more, to meet all your weighing needs.

The catalogue contains a preview of some of the new products that will enrich our range during 2021.

In particular:


The fastest, up to 4800 Hz with integrated



Aluminium case and IP65 front protection


New DGT1S version with integrated Fieldbus

We would also like to inform you that the new price list will come into force on January 15 2021.

Download the Catalogue
Download the Price List

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