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HBM Unveils Latest Range of Connection Cables

You are viewing the weighing news HBM Unveils Latest Range of Connection Cables at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

HBM Unveils Latest Range of Connection Cables

HBM – Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) – Make the Correct Connection with HBM’s Force Transducer Cables.

As selecting the correct cable for a force measurement task can be a challenge – due to varied nature of the job and decisions involved – HBM has launched its new K-CAB-F connection cables, designed to simplify the process.

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Engineers working with connectors on force transducers must consider many points; the cable length, for example, which can limit measuring possibilities and bigger issues, such as volatile temperature range or potential chemical attacks affecting the equipment.

The K-CAB-F cables come in three varieties – including a high-precision and an extended temperature variant – making it easy to set up the correct connection between strain-gauge based load cells and instruments. The cables’ electric properties offer high symmetry and low capacitance, making them suitable for testing within harsh environments.

The cables are available in four different lengths, ranging from 3 to 20 meters. They also have plugs compatible for connections to HBM amplifiers and the following HBM force sensors U10M, U10s, U15, C10, C15, U5, Z30a, Top-Z30a and KDB.

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