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Golden lotus-Removing Slag with Ease: Container Reaches its Ideal Weight Thanks to Multi-Trans and HBM

HBM – Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) – Twenty four hours. That’s how long it takes until a 30-ton container is completely full of slag from a combustion furnace. Then it is replaced by an empty container which can generate some unnecessary costs. Employees have to monitor the filling process to ensure that the container has reached its full capacity. Meanwhile the truck used for the container transport must sit and wait until this is done.

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Multi-Trans developed a solution with its custom-made SET 30 electric transporter. The driverless platform trailer replaces the truck that was used during filling for container transport. The innovative transport system also monitors the filling process independently. As a result, there is less use of personnel with no valuable resources tied up– which translates into a considerable boost in efficiency and money saved. Multi-Trans relies on precise weighing technology from HBM for the intelligent platform trailer to perform its tasks. This technology guarantees optimum utilization of loading capacity for the containers that are used, thereby contributing to reliable and independent control of the filling process.

A driverless platform trailer that thinks:

With the self-propelled SET 30 electric transporter, Multi-Trans has created a transport solution that offers users numerous profitable advantages. Not only is the transporter well suited for standard commercial roll containers, its compact dimensions, high loading capacity of 30 metric tons and small turning radius of only nine meters allow for diverse applications. This also gets done very economically thanks to the integrated weigher which also performs some important monitoring and control tasks.

One example of this is the scenario described at the beginning of this article. First, a truck places an empty roll container on the platform trailer. Then an employee positions the trailer by remote control under a downpipe, where the container receives the slag produced by combustion during the next 24 hours. Once the previously set maximum filling weight is reached, the weighing indicator sends a signal to the conveyor belt and filling stops automatically. An employee is now needed for the first time to guide the weighing platform trailer reliably up to a roll-off tipper, using just a small amount of space. The trailer then automatically receives the roll container from the electric vehicle without the use of any external machines.

Using products from HBM, the weigher was integrated into the vehicle and implemented as requested and was completed in a quick and cost-effective manner, while also boosting performance.

For example, installing the HBM 1-RTN/M2LBR22T weighing module for nominal loads up to 33 metric tons in the vehicle frame was simple and straightforward. Only four drill holes the size of the modules were needed in the recessed corners of the vehicle. Together with the new 1-RTN0.05/ 15T ring torsion load cell, the new legal for trade WE2111 weighing indicator for industrial applications and the WE2111-ZCC plug-in card from HBM, the weighing module now provides precise and reliable measured values for automatic control of the filling process – which ultimately helps save money.

RTN-M2LBR-22T weighing module

RTN ring torsion load cell

WE2111 weighing indicator

For more information about the Weighing Solutions from HBM click here.

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