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ParcelCube (Finland) – An Affordable Answer to Higher DIM Parcel Rate.

UPS and FedEx UPS will now apply dimensional (DIM) weight pricing to ALL packages, previously DIM weight pricing has only been applied on packages measuring three cubic feet or greater. DIM weight pricing creates a billable weight based on package volume (the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight).

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More than ever, companies will need to know the chargeable weight of their parcels as well as having the option to cut costs further by selecting the right size shipping box.

An economical and convenient way to offset some of these higher DIM costs is provided by Parcelcube, a unique single-unit device that combines an affordable price with high-tech dimensioning.

Parcelcube is suitable for a wide range of applications including warehouse, mail room, logistics, transportation and e-commerce business.

Its effectiveness is due in large part to the use of ultra-sonic measurement technology which has proved to be safe and reliable, with performance comparable to the market leaders in this field.

As one of the most cost-effective cubing systems on the market, Parcelcube is designed for the accurate and efficient capture of shipment and product data (relating to dimensions, weight and ID).

This can be transferred to third party Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software – or directly to a carrier’s online booking system through a standard Application Program Interface (API) software intermediary link. Parcelcube is also suitable for use with warehouse inventory through a Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP system.

Kaj Ostman, a Partner at Helsinki-based Parcelcube, explained how the product developed:

“We’ve worked with dimensioning systems since 2009,” said Kaj, “and we realised that even large shipping companies couldn’t accept the existing prices of static cubing systems. That’s when we decided to create an affordable solution with a performance comparable to the market leaders.”

The device is made from robust 4mm aluminium and incorporates the latest sensor technology for accurate and reliable measurement. A standard PC interface and software enables real-time data transfer that can be integrated with almost any WMS or ERP system. An optional barcode reader can be connected directly to the PC client.


Equally important is the technical after-sales support that Parcelcube provides for its clients – as Mr Ali, General manager at Viva Express in the UK, was keen to point out:

“The technical support provided by Parcelcube has been outstanding,” he said, “especially with all the assistance we needed when it came to using HTTPS services for the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) link to our own software. We’ve found the readings to be very accurate, and the software provided with the device has also been excellent.”

Parcelcube uses standard PC software with online data communication to a client’s ERP or WMS system which makes integration easy and economical.

Also included as a standard feature is the time-saving plug-in which enables data to be transferred to a third-party online booking system (such as DHL and TNT).

For more information about the Parcelcube Automated Dimensioning System click here.

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