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Mantracourt Electronics Ltd (UK)

Mantracourt Electronics Ltd was founded in 1974 with the clear objective of becoming a leader in the application of microelectronics to many sectors of industrial measurement. Based near Exeter in the South-West of England, we are an established technology provider to many major OEM sensor manufacturers with an international distribution network spanning over 30 countries.

Our Expertise:

  • Specialists in strain gauge and load cell signal conditioners
  • Wireless radio telemetry
  • High performance analogue to digital converters
  • Fieldbus areas, including: Modbus, ASCII and CAN
  • Hazardous area (ATEX)

Our Core Strengths:

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  • Dedicated design and manufacturing
  • Highly reliable, extremely rugged products
  • In-house manufacture giving flexible & fast product delivery times
  • High density surface mount capability for miniature products
  • Full technical lifetime support of products
  • Large stock holding of our standard products

Almost without exception, we are both the designer and manufacturer of the products we offer. So, when you talk to us, you are talking to the people who know the products completely. Our team of design and development engineers and technicians are supported by a fully equipped laboratory including specialist EMC and RF test equipment that is used in the design and development process. Our products are manufactured to relevant CE, FCC, ATEX, IC, ETSI standards.

To know more about Mantracourt Electronics Ltd click here.

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