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Golden lotus-New Supplier Entry – Punjab Weighing Corporation (Pakistan)

Punjab Weighing Corporation (Pakistan)

Our Vision:

To achieve excellence in providing comprehensive solutions based on leading edge of technology. Cost effective system design and creativity by focusing in our customer’s specific needs and demands to achieve company’s business goals with a view to contribute to the benefits of our Clients, Stake Holders, Employees and the Society.

Our Mission:

To provide complete solution to our Valuable Customers in the fields of “Industrial Weighing” by developing the required engineering expertise and services skills to achieve company’s business objectives.

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Background & History:

We have extensive experience of Pakistan’s industrial weighing market, members of the board have come to the following conclusions: With the increase in awareness & need of weighing worldwide, there is big opportunity in industries Therefore, PUNJAB WEIGHING CORPORATION was founded in 1990.

Main Products/Services:

Weighbridges, Scales, Weighing Software, Load Cells, Weighing Indicators, Etc.

Contact details:

Address: Punjab Weighing Corporation, Sultan Mehmood Road Shalamar Town, 54400 Lahore, Pakistan.

Phone: 00923004216018

FAX: 042-36521228

Website: http://punjabweighing.com

Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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