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Golden lotus-New Supplier Entry – IVM s.r.l. (Italy)

IVM s.r.l. (Italy)

IVM is an innovative Start Up that embraces the skills and experiences of its members and over twenty years working experiences of the entire team. Such experiences are mostly gained while conducting numerous research projects (regional, national and European), performed in close collaboration with Universities, Research organizations and large companies.

The common denominator to all these activities, and which constitutes the most significant part of the experiences of IVM, can be synthesized in the ability to realize monitoring and diagnostic systems based on the innovative use of integrated sets of sensors. These experiences have enabled us to acquire significant expertise in: accelerometer sensors WITH MEMS technology; HW and SW design and implementation of low-power wireless networks for acquisition systems of accelerometric signals; extraction of information-diagnostic content from the data acquired by the monitoring systems through the use of specific processing algorithms.

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The approach that the IVM team has always had is to take in consideration an integrated system of sensors, so we can get information based on possible correlations of the data measured in the same instant of time in different parts of the area monitored. This approach and expertise in measuring accelerometer enabled the development of several innovative applications and products In the past 10 years, the sensor technology has taken advantage of a particularly high technological development. This has determinated an improvement of its characteristics, a significant reduction of costs and, consequently, a very considerable increase of its use. Consider that, today, a middleweight car has on board about 80-100 sensors while few years ago they were less than 10. A significant aspect of this process is that on one hand the applications of the sensor technology have been increasing more and more and on the other hand it is making it increasingly necessary to develop advanced technologies to process increasing amounts of data. These technologies are proving to be particularly useful because they allow the extraction of informative contents not readily obtainable from the simple comparison with threshold values.

In this scenario, a very significant development is undergoing on sensors with MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) that offers low costs, small sizes, low power consumption and excellent metrological characteristics. In particular, a sensor that is having a significantly important development is the sensor for the measurement of accelerations especially because it is used on a broad scale by automotive industries to determine the opening of airbags in the event of an accident. This application, which greatly impacts on the safety of drivers, has pushed the electronics industry to design highly reliable sensors with very sophisticated measurement characteristics that open to very broad application scenarios. The distinctive appearance and absolutely innovative of these applications consists in being able to realize the monitoring systems with many measuring points that generate, in full temporal synchrony, data streams capable of providing integrated information about the object monitored. This holistic view of the monitoring system provides the possibility to extract much larger informative contents with respect to the sum of the information obtainable from the individual sensors. To obtain these results is, however, necessary to be able to manage the synchronous acquisition of more acceleration sensors and to process the data with innovative methodologies supported by a suitable numeric modeling of the physical phenomenology.

The IVM, thanks to the résumés of its members and staff, and thanks to the many experiences in several research projects, has all the skills and knowhow required to offer on the market products that are based on the innovative use of sensor and application of advanced technologies and methods of data processing. The IVM business plan provides for the first five years the development of products, already identified by the relevant feasibility studies, which are able to offer to the end user significant advantages (including economic) arising from information obtained by multipoint and integrated sensors.

Main Products/Services:

Train Weighing Solutions, Portable Weigher For Railway Vehicles – POWERVE, etc.

Contact details:

Address: IVM s.r.l., Benedetto Brin street, 59, int. C18, 80122 Napoli, Italy.

Phone: +3908118896302

FAX: 08118896302

Website: http://ivmtech.it/en/

Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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