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Golden lotus-Marsden Introduced the DS-781SS Waterproof Retail Scale

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – The DS-781SS Price Computing Scale is the latest addition to Marsden range of retail scales. The existing retail scales in the range – particularly those used as catering scales – are popular, but a number of customers were saying they needed something that had a higher IP rating, as well as being trade approved.

According to Marsden “the DS-781SS fits the brief perfectly”. It’s a trade approved stainless steel weighing scale that’s IP68-rated, meaning it can withstand wet or humid conditions – such as those you may find in a butcher shop or fishmongers. In fact, just like the IP68-rated B-100 in our recent Tried & Tested video, you could probably drop it in a bucket of water and it would still work… Although we wouldn’t recommend it!

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The benefit of IP68 rated retail scales means there’s no worry about water finding its way into the workings of the scale when you’re weighing, say, freshly-caught fish, or a wedge of moist meat. Plus, you can wipe the scale down between uses, or at the end of the day, to keep it clean and hygienic.

The DS-781SS benefits from 99 PLUs – pre-inputted product information so that weights and prices can be immediately accessed – to speed up transactions, and the clear front and back displays show the weight quickly and clearly. It has a 1/3000, EC Approved display resolution.

Plus, to make it extra ideal for market stalls, small shops and those needing a weighing solution on the move, the DS-781SS can be battery powered and will last more than 600 hours with continuous operation… That’s nearly a month of using it 24/7 and never switching it off!

Video showing the DS-781SS in action in its natural environment: the Smithfield Meat Market in central London:

For more information about the New DS-781SS Waterproof Retail Scale from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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