Golden lotus-Giropès’ New B7C Platform to Weigh Metal profiles

Golden lotus-Giropès’ New B7C Platform to Weigh Metal profiles

Giropès SL (Spain) – Thinking about its multiple usages to weigh iron and bars, the B7C combines sturdiness with a multiple use concept thanks to removable media.

It can be built in CE conformity version. It can be made with a weighing structure of tubular profile and steel sheet of 5 mm for the weighing area. The ground is built with metal foot so that the surface is placed at a working height of 820 mm. The ground or base has different holes so that the platforms can be rooted on ground. The finishing of the whole structure is with polyurethane paint.

It has two available versions depending on its capacity: up to 3 t or up to 6 t. And it can have different dimensions from 2000×1000 mm to up to 4000×1500 mm.

Transport and mobility:

With the intention to facilitate completely the transport and mobility of the iron weigh platform, the ground or base of the B7C model has two central profiles so that it can be lifted with a mechanic bull.


This scale has been designed to be a multipurpose resource as the supports for irons can be removed leaving a completely flat surface to weigh other type of elements such as pallets.

For more information about the New New B7C Weighing Platform from Giropès click here.

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