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Golden lotus-BEL Engineering’s New Ioniser Model ION-A15 to neutralize electro static on Lab Weighing

BEL Engineering s.r.l. (Italy) – BEL Engineering developed a Ioniser (model ION-A15) to use during your daily weighing routine in the laboratory and whenever you need to neutralize electro static charges that accumulate on samples.

When samples are electrostatically charged, in particular non conductive ones as plastic, glass etc.., the results of weighing are surely influenced: they are not reliable due of the static electricity making unstable the value of the weight that the balance acquires.

Bạn mong muốn tìm kiếm cân công nghiệp chính hãng chất lượng cao hay cân điện tử giá rẻ, hãy cho Hoa sen vàng biết và nhận sự tư vấn nhiệt tình-chu đáo, sản phẩm đều có giá trị và đặc tính riêng của chúng … hãy Gọi ngay : 028 3511 7799 (kinh doanh) hoặc truy cập website: https://hoasenvang.com.vn/shops/ (sản phẩm)

BEL ioniser is the ideal solution: it easily discharges objects that are going to be weighted in few seconds. It’s enough to hold the sample in front of the ioniser and quickly the electrostatic charges will be neutralized.


  • Dimensions (cm): 11×10,5×4,5
  • Weight (g): 310


For more information about the New Ioniser Model ION-A15 from BEL Engineering click here.

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