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General Measure Second Generation Intelligent Bag Filler

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General Measure Second Generation Intelligent Bag Filler

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) – Press Release: General Measure Intelligent Bag Filler is upgrading for better performance.

  1. Self-Adjusting Function: only set the target weight and start the auto adjustment, the bag filler begins self-learning for 10 packs and find the optimal output performance, which is really easy to operate.
  2. Smart Feeding Algorithm: while running, the bag filler is able to adjust the parameter to the optimal status automatically for avoiding errors by the environment changes.
  3. Combine with Vibrator: the vibrator makes the weighing range wider. AF-05K can weight from 50g to 5kg.
  4. Fast Speed: the bag filler with single hopper can pack 1000p/h.
  5. High Accuracy: the accuracy can reach ±2g.
  6. Module Design: stable running and easy maintaining.
  7. Servo Motor: more accurate control system.
  8. Data Export: with USB connecting, the packing data can be easy exported. It also supports the wireless transmission.

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