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Eilersen Load Cells installed on World’s Largest Test Station

Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S (Denmark) – A weighing solution based on Eilersen load cells has been installed on the world’s largest pulling test station, now opening at East Metal in Nakskov, Denmark.This impressive test station meets the needs for load tests of still larger machines and industrial constructions, e.g. within the transport, off-shore and wind power sector.

The 4 pieces GDS 500ton digital load cells from Eilersen provides the new test center a total test capacity of up to 1500 tons (15.000 kN) for testing items up to a deadweight of max of 50 tons with dimensions of max. 30 x 10 x 10 meters.

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The load cells are based on the world patented capacitive measuring technology developed by Eilersen. This means that the load cells will tolerate several hundred percent overload, therefore being very robust. This robustness is a huge advantage, especially in destructive tests, because of the enormous peak force released when a test item breaks down.

The 4 digital GDS load cells have been calibrated individually with calibration certificate from Danish Force Institute and delivered with standard 50meter cable, which can be shortened to any length without changing the load cell calibration.

Using Eilersen digital load cells gives the operator the advantage of being able to monitor each of the hydraulic cylinders during a test by reading the measurements from each load cell individually. All test results are documented via the local Eilersen weighing terminal and communicated to a PLC via PROFINET fieldbus interface.

For more information about the GDS Load Cells from Eilersen click here.

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