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Detecto Scale’s New apex® Eye-Level Digital Clinical Scales

Detecto Scale’s New apex® Eye-Level Digital Clinical Scales

Detecto Scale (USA) – DETECTO’s new apex® eye-level digital clinical scales are the pinnacle of patient measurement efficiency and stylish design. The sonar touchless height rods available on some apex® models provide immediate digital readouts of height and weight for optimal speed, accuracy, and hygiene.

The sonar digital height sensor, included on the APEX-SH models, is unique in the clinical scale industry and extremely reliable for accurate, repeatable height readouts. The sonar height sensor provides the ultimate in time-savings in labor and hygienic operations for infection control.

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  • 600 lb x 0.2 lb / 300 kg x 0.1 kg capacity
  • Sonar touchless or inline mechanical height rod
  • Extra-wide and flat platform (17 in W x 17 in D x 2.75 in H)
  • Assembles quickly right out of the box in just a few easy steps (no tools required)

State-Of-The-Art Sonar Height Rods:

DETECTO’s unique touchless sonar height rod instantly locks on the patient’s height and measures nearly any patient size. The apex’s sonar height rod measures from 24 inches (2 ft) up to 86 inches (7’2”) by 0.2 inch increments and metric readouts of 60 cm up to 218 cm by 0.5 cm increments (model APEX-SH). Simply step on the scale and your height will be captured and displayed on the LCD within a second.

The apex’s inline mechanical height rod models measure from 24 inches (2 ft) up to 86 inches (7’2”) by 0.125 inch increments and metric readings of 60 cm up to 218 cm by 0.1 cm increments (model APEX). To calculate BMI, simply use the scroll arrows to enter the height measurement and then press the BMI key.

  • Eye-level weight display convenience
  • Sturdy column construction
  • Quality construction is apparent throughout the scale design
  • 10 different standard apex® models available for you to choose from
  • Integral bubble level helps locate the most level surface area on your floor

High-Tech Weight Indicator:

The apex® features a high-tech, smart-phone-style indicator for easy utilization with 6 simple buttons and a bold LCD display for large readouts.

  • 0.75-inch-high, clinical-blue LCD weight readouts
  • Body Mass Index calculation
  • Automatically locks on weight temporarily for a few seconds in order to easily view and record measurement
  • Weight and height displayed onscreen simultaneously
  • Battery power level indication

Versatile Connectivity:

  • 2 RS232 serial ports and 1 micro USB-B port
  • HL7 IEEE 11073 compliant (standard)
  • Wi-Fi Ethernet models available for wireless EMR/EHR
  • Welch Allyn® device connectivity available: CVSM, CSM, and LXI

The lift-off apex® platform cover may be removed for wipe-down cleaning or to replace the 12 AA batteries. The scale’s structural base integrity is manufactured rock-solid for optimal patient safety and stability. Dual integral wheels provide for easy transport on all apex® models.

For more information about the New apex® Eye-Level Digital Clinical Scales from Detecto Scale click here.

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