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Comek Speed, Accuracy and Safety for Packaging Cheese Cubes

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Comek S.r.l. (Italy) – Press Release: Comek Speed, Accuracy and Safety for Packaging Cheese Cubes

We are well aware of the importance of preserving the freshness of food and ensuring maximum airtightness of packaging, especially in the dairy sector.

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Specifically for the packaging of cubes of cheese, we have designed an automatic line that offers speed, precision and safety to the producers in this sector.

Our system can pack these products in practical and durable single-portion flow pack bags with dimensions ranging from 15 x 15 x 15 mm to 15 x 30 x 15 mm.

Safety and performance:

Our packaging line consists of an automatic product selection system that, in association with an automatic vibratory loader, allows you to easily move the cheese cubes without damaging them.

This system is combined with a Comek HPB-03 horizontal packaging machine, specifically developed for flow pack packaging, which makes it possible to produce up to 150 packs per minute.

The cantilevered frame of the HPB-03 is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which guarantees maximum safety and hygiene and simplifies maintenance, sanitisation and cleaning.

Long Dwell sealing system: practicality and maximum resistance

The highlight of our packaging line is the Long Dwell sealing system, designed to guarantee perfect product preservation.

Particularly with thick films and materials that are difficult to seal, this technology increases packaging speed.

The Long Dwell sealing system favours the sealing of the package thanks to the prolonged sealing time; in fact, the sealing blades remain in contact during most of the rotation and subsequent movement.

Comek Speed, Accuracy and Safety for Packaging Cheese Cubes

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