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Broadweigh launches New Bluetooth System

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Broadweigh launches New Bluetooth System

BroadWeigh (United Kingdom) – Brand new to the market, the Broadweigh Bluetooth system makes wireless load monitoring accessible to smaller scale rigging applications.

The Broadweigh 3.25 tonne load shackle, with integrated Bluetooth LE 4.0, provides high precision, multi-channel wireless load monitoring and sends data straight to the Broadweigh app for easy viewing on an iOS or Android device. It requires no other accessories – simply download the free app which contains all the tools required to configure and display data from the shackles in range.

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Kelly Voysey, sales and marketing manager at Mantracourt, who design and manufacture Broadweigh said:

“We believe this new system will be a real game changer for riggers. It delivers a simple system with shorter range and fewer connections than our original kit. Crucial to all of this is that it there is no loss of accuracy, build quality or battery life – it is simply a lower cost option for load monitoring and is ideal for small systems for a rigger’s toolkit.”

So…why is Broadweigh bringing out a product with shorter range (transmits up to 90m compared to 800m) and fewer connections (a maximum of 12 load shackles compared to 100)?

Kelly explained:

“For many of our existing and potential customers, the capability of Broadweigh Bluetooth is more than enough. However up until now, they had no option other than to purchase the original system which delivered way more than they may ever need. What we now bring to market is a more affordable system which provides riggers with a handy toolkit for fast monitoring of static loads on a phone or tablet.”

Broadweigh Bluetooth shackles are supplied pre-calibrated, ready to be viewed on the app and available in a robust case holding up to 4 shackles. The app has been designed to be intuitive so that setting up load cells and configuring projects is quick and easy. The system has been tested by a number of Broadweigh’s product partners around the globe, with all agreeing that its simplicity is a key selling point. The app is also highly capable of handling multiple groups of transmitters. Meanwhile a built-in maths editor can compute more complex calculations for groups of load cells. Pre-formatted projects can be shared with others by importing and exporting to other devices without any hassle. The automatic unit conversion is a neat feature, as are the visual alarms and history graphs.

Matthew Millward, Rigging Sales Manager at A.C Entertainment Technologies, Broadweigh’s Exclusive UK distributor has already tested the system.

He said:

“The Bluetooth devices are proving to be very reliable and the battery life is exceptional. Our rigging sales team have been out to demonstrate the system to both existing Broadweigh customers and those who may not have made the investment due to affordability. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

What’s more, riggers who purchase Broadweigh Bluetooth will not only benefit from lifetime guarantee (subject to annual service) but have the flexibility to upgrade to a standard Broadweigh wireless shackle at any time, should they decide that they need enhanced capabilities.

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