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37 CROSS APTM (Automatic Payment Terminals) delivered to Norway

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Between the years 2018 and 2020, CROSS held a technological cooperation with the Norwegian company Hi Tech Mobility. The subject of this partnership was Hi Tech’s development of the Sesam Sesam mobile app built on top of the CROSS APTM SDK (Software Development Kit) and a subsequent delivery of 37 of these APTM kiosks.

The APTM kiosks were technically delivered not only to Bergen, which is with about 250 thousand inhabitants the second largest city in Norway, but also to Oslo, Alta and many others. These payment terminals are used for a barrier free, seamless and touchless parking solution.

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According to the high requirements of individual locations, the cash registers are equipped with a 17“anti-vandal adjustment for a touch graphic display, an industrial control computer, a document printer, a coin economy with acceptance of two currencies at the same time, as well as a credit card payment module. The display is clear and easy to read even when the sun is shining on it.

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37 CROSS APTM (Automatic Payment Terminals) delivered to Norway

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