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Rope and Sling Provides Below-the-Hook Equipment for Nuclear Site

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Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (UK) – Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) provided below-the-hook equipment for ITP (inspection and test procedure) work during decommissioning

Golden lotus-Gator Test Rig Utilizes Straightpoint Load Cells

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Straightpoint (USA) – Straightpoint force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment is integral to fabrication and periodic testing of equipment at two

Golden lotus-Straightpoint Load Cells for Dr. Phil TV Show

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Straightpoint (USA) – Behind the scenes at one of the most popular talk shows in North America, five Straightpoint load cells monitor the weight distribution

Golden lotus-B&R introduces X20 modules for Strain Gauges

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B&R Industrial Automation (Austria) – Precise strain measurement. Two new X20 modules are now available for digitizing strain gauge signals. B&R has added 2 new

Golden lotus-UTILCELL will be attending ACHEMA 2015

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Utilcell (Spain) – Once again this year, UTILCELL will be attending the ACHEMA International Exhibition for Chemical Engineering and the Process Industry. During the exhibition,

Higher Performance Load Cells from Measurement Specialties Offer Improved Reliability

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Measurement Specialties, Inc. (USA) - Economical, compact sensors operate at exceptionally low strains.

Measurement Specialties, an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, has enhanced its series of ELAF compression and

Interface, Inc. announces High-Accuracy Bidirectional Digital Weight Indicator

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Interface, Inc. (USA) - Interface Inc., the recognized leader in force measurement technology, is pleased to announce the Model 480 Bidirectional, Digital Weight Indicator into their instrument products offering. The

Load Cell Manufacturer LCM Systems Launches New Global Website

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LCM Systems Ltd (UK) - A new, comprehensive and informative website for engineers requiring details on load cells and associated instrumentation has been launched by UK manufacturer LCM Systems. As

New Budget Load Cells from Mettler Toledo offer same Performance, Reliability as Expensive Counterparts

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METTLER TOLEDO (USA) - METTLER TOLEDO's new load cells have been developed for cost-effective weighing with superior accuracy and compliance to common industrial standards. The new SLB215 and SLB415 nickel-plated

New Supplier Entry – Nicol Scales & Measurement (USA)

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Nicol Scales & Measurement (USA)

Nicol Scales & Measurement is an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Company that has provided calibration, repair, and sales of all types of weighing and measurement

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