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BEL Engineering s.r.l. (Italy) – BEL Engineering launches a new cutting edge technology moisture analyzer with touch screen display: M5-iThermo series.

M5-iThermo analyzers are moisture analyzers with large 5’’ color touchscreen display that gives a user-friendly access to all the analyzer advanced applications and internal databases. The user has easy and intuitive access with fast programming of drying cycles, thanks to icon-driven menus.

This means more efficiency, productivity and interactivity allowing also, among the many functions, to save results with test reports and drying graphic up to 3000 records.

The many on-board functions already included, the possibility of calibrating the internal thermometer using the optional KIT, up to 6 operating languages, the large 5’’ inch display, the RS232 serial output and USB port for export or import database, close the circle of a complete product, reliable and truly convenient.

The models in the family allow to reach up to 0,001% drying resolution and can choose among capacity from 60gr 0.0001g resolution, 160gr 0.001gr resolution and 60gr 0.01gr resolution.

For more information about the New Touch Screen Moisture Analyzer from BEL Engineering click here.

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