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can dien tu hoa sen vang

Rostek Servicio S.A. (Chile)

Accredited laboratory for calibrating all kind of scales and test weights. We service all brands of any kind of scales. We sale equipment mainly oriented to industrial and mining. Leaders in weigh in motion, automations, conveyor belt scales.

Main Products/Services:

Weighbridges, Scales, Weighing Software, Automation Software, Conveyor Belt Scales, Weigh Feeders, Load Cells, Indicators, etc.

Contact details:

Address: Rostek Servicio S.A., Sucre 1447, 7770290 Santiago, Chile.

Phone: +562-2205-2076


Email address:

Social Network Profiles:

Cân điện tử Hoa sen vàng – Golden Lotus Measuring Equipment

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