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OUTSET s.r.l. (Italy)


Outset aims to support those who deal with loading and unloading operations in the transport industry by offering them professional solutions for on-board weighing management. Outset employs new and useful devices in order to avoid time wasting and heavy sanctions, while optimizing the loading!

Thanks to more than a decade of experience, Outset’s management is able to offer a wide range of technologically advanced instruments that optimize loads on industrial, earthmoving and logistical vehicles.

Main Products/Services:

On Board Weighing Systems, On Board Truck Scales, On Board Weighing for Earthmoving and Logistics, Legal For Trade Loader Scales, Wireless Weighing Technology, iOS and Android Weighing Apps, Etc.

Contact details:

Address: OUTSET s.r.l., Via Pacinotti, 9, 36066 Sandrigo – Vicenza, Italy.

Phone: +39 0444 751028

FAX: +39 0444 750208


Email address:

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