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BISON Group Limited (New Zealand)

BISON make container weighing solutions for the shipping industry. BISON is pioneering an entirely new range of hardware and software systems that enable certified container weighing and weight distribution checks at the packing point, without reliance on capital intensive handling equipment and weigh bridges.

With mandatory container weight verification set to disrupt the shipping industry in 2016, BISON is dedicated to helping shippers meet this challenge and in turn, foster improved safety, efficiency and compliance in container shipping operations.

BISON Weighing Jacks are rugged industrial scales for weighing grounded shipping containers. Capable of weighing all ISO container types, sizes and weights up to 40,000kg, to an accuracy of ± 25 kg, BISON Weighing Jacks are the most portable and accurate container weighing solution in the market.

BISON Weighing Jacks synch with the BISON App. In addition to weighing the container, the App lets you check and record the container’s load distribution, capture other useful shipment information and communicate weighing records instantly.

Main Products/Services:

Container Weighing Systems, Weighing Jacks, Weighing Software, Weighing Apps, etc.

Contact details:

Address: BISON Group Limited, PO Box 748, Unit 2, 11 Wharf Street, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand.

Phone: +64 (03) 395 6134


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