Golden lotus-I.M.S introduces a New Version of the Load Cell Tester to checking weighing platforms linearity

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I.M.S. Ltd. (Israel) – Hand-held load cell tester – For full troubleshooting of any strain-gage based load cell.

I.M.S most popular portable Load Cell Tester model LCT-Ultimate can now be used to check also multi load cells scale linearity with very high accuracy in addition to the full test on any strain gauge based load cell.

The Friendly Tester quickly checks if the load cell has a problem and of which nature like; moisture ingress, bridge resistance and zero balance.

Thousands of our Load Cell Tester are being used by weighing technicians and end-users all around the world saving a lot of time and money to our customers.


For more information about the New Load Cell Tester LCT-Ultimate from I.M.S. Ltd. click here.

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